Dear Student. In order for you to register online you need to meet the following criteria: 1. You must have registered at the college previously and have a student number. 2. The ID Number, Student Number and Email address that you enter in the fields below must match the information that was saved on the college server the last time you registered at the college. 3. If you are a current bursary holder and you qualify for a bursary during this term as well, you do not need to upload proof of payment for class fees, but your bursary reference number

A verification code will be sent to your cell phone. To confirm your details.

Online Support Call Centre (During Office Hours)
016 004 0407 option 5

Stage 1 - Student Verification

Identity Number / Passport Number

Student Number

Cellphone Number: As captured on the college system.

Your email address as captured on the college system. Confirmation of your online registration will be sent to this email address.

If you do not receive a confirmation sms within 3 minutes, it is an indication that your data could not be verified on the system. For security reason we do not disclose which information was entered incorrectly. Verification Code (Sent to you in an SMS)

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