Explain Video Content How to use: Sedcol Online Students's Portal The video explains to students how to use the online learning management system (LMS for short). How they can: * access lessons posted in the LMS by their lecturers, * how they can upload assignments, * track their progress through the course, * participate in class discussions by interacting with other students who posted comments/ questions on the classroom notice board
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How to use: Sedcol Online Lecturer's Portal The video explains to Lecturers how to use the online learning management system (LMS for short). How they can: * upload lessons and set the release date for the lesson, * assign assignments to the lesson, * add links to additional resources to support the lesson ie. Youtube videos and web pages, * post messages to individual students, * assist students who post messages on the class notice board where all classmates may contribute, * capture test/assessment marks in the system, * monitor which students have reported for class and also see if a student returned to class for a second/third take of the lesson.

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Online Training Videos Additional Online Training Help This sections consists of YouTube videos that were selected to assist lecturers who are not familiar with online teaching and learning. The videos are categorized according to topics. From the dropdown list select a topic of interest. Once a topic is selected a list if videos pertaining to the topic will be shown. In the right column of the list select 'LOAD_VIDEO' to view the video based on item description you are interested in. Select Topic
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BE AWARE OF COPYRIGHT !! When you create teaching content be aware of copyright laws. The best advice is not to include copyrighted material in your videos, keep it original. Many people creating content on YouTube have lost their channel for not adhering to this rule.
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